South Yorkshire Shooting Club hosted the Airgun Training and Education Organisation (ATEO) for a day of Advanced Airgun Training with Dave Mills.

Airgun safety is a paramount part of our teaching program here at South Yorkshire Shooting Club. Today seven of our members completed the Advanced Airgun Training Course provided by the ATEO.

Dave Mills and his team cover topics such as Legislation, Regulations, Following Procedures, Safety of People, Airguns and Equipment, Maintaining a safe image at all times in the first half of the theoretical course.

Shooting Technique

The second part of the course involves the practical side of shooting, covering important topics such as Gun Fit, Scope Setup, Head and Body Position, Shooting Styles and Holds, Trigger Safety, Breathing Technique and adjusting for distance.

We are pleased to announce our seven candidates passed with flying colours, and will now receive accreditation by the ATEO, NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) and BSA Guns, a fantastic achievement personally and for our club.

What you must do | Shooting Technique

  1. Demonstrate safety features of your air rifles or pistols
  2. Explain the legislation for legal limits of your air rifles or pistols
  3. Explain the legislation for the use of airguns
  4. Demonstrate or explain safe storage and moving of airguns
  5. Demonstrate safe loading of air rifle or pistols
  6. Demonstrate safe charging for PCP and CO2 air rifles or pistols (if relevant)
  7. Demonstrate sighting (eye relief and master eye)
  8. Demonstrate or explain fitting of sighting equipment
  9. Demonstrate or explain sight adjustment
  10. Demonstrate the effect of different projectiles
  11. Demonstrate your safe shooting style and holds
  12. Demonstrate good trigger technique
  13. Demonstrate or explain the importance of trigger safety
  14. Demonstrate or explain breathing technique
  15. Demonstrate and explain how to adjust for distance
  16. Explain methods for calculating distance
  17. Explain the effect and methods to adjust for wind
  18. Explain methods for calculating windage

What the candidate must know and understand |

  1. Safe loading of air rifle and pistols
  2. Safety systems for air rifle and pistols
  3. How to prove safe with air rifle and pistol
  4. Safe storage of air rifle, pistols and pellets
  5. Show how legislation, regulation and procedures relate to air rifle and pistols
  6. How to charge PCP and CO2 air rifle and pistol (if required)
  7. What safety procedures are needed when charging, storage and disposing of charging equipment (if required)
  8. Method of fitting and adjusting sighting system
  9. Different projectiles and uses
  10. The different shooting styles
  11. Good breathing and trigger techniques
  12. How to use sighting systems to adjust for distance and windage
  13. Methods for range finding distance
  14. Methods for reading windage

Range of what can be covered |

  1. Air guns (which you use) Rifles (PCP, Break Barrel, Under Levers, Side Lever, CO2)
  2. Pistols (PCP, CO2, Break Barrel, Side Lever)
  3. Equipment, Pellets (Metal, Plastic, Paint) Darts, Laser Sights, CO2 Canisters, Air Bottles, Hoses, Targets, Gun Slips, Cases, Scopes
  4. People, Users, Public

Legislation, Regulations and Procedures |

  • Firearms Act 1968-1997
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2004
  • Firearms Dangerous Air Weapons) Rules 1969
  • Firearms Amendment Act 1997
  • Licencing Act 1872
  • Offences Against the Person Act 1861
  • Prevention of Crime Act 1953
  • Criminal Damage Act 1971
  • Highways Act 1980
  • Town Police Clauses Act 1847
  • The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
  • Violent Crime Reduction Bill 2006
  • The Crime and Security Act 2010

If you are interested in taking part in this course, please register your interest at the shooting range.

The ATEO has become one of the leading organisations in the field of airgun training with a wealth of experience in the work based training sector and fully qualified trainers, assessors and verifiers, enthusiastic and experienced airgun shooters help to make the training maintain its high quality.

You can be assured of a comprehensive training program to meet your needs with friendly helpful advice and guidance in all aspects of airgun use –

Telephone. South Yorkshire Shooting Club, Rotherham, S60 1BW – 01709 837906

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