AirBench finals – Round One Draw 1st August 2018

Round one match to be completed by the 10th August 2018

Round two match to be completed by the 21st August 2018

Round three match to be completed by the 31st August 2018

Round five match to be completed by the 10th September 2018

Round six match to be completed by the 21st September 2018

Final match to be completed by the 30th August 2018

SYSC e-limination match 2018

AirBench finals 2018 – See rules here

Craig Pass v Emma Grayson

Philip Cooper v James Spillane

Joshua Watkinson v Stewart Mirranda

Rich Melland v Steven Codman

Sarah Horner v Andrew Rodgers

Kenroy Chalmers v Charlotte Walsham

Graham Beardshaw v Donald Steel

Wayne Thomson v Philip Moore

Graham Smith v Roy Gillott

Les Singer v Gary Knight

Paul Spacey v Paul Keightley

James Foley v David Brown

John Hardy v John Richardson

Terry Brown v Ged Rhodes

Mark Olsen v Craig Wooton

Michael Foxcroft v Jack Barson

Rick Grayson v Peter Scandrett

Malcolm Collins v Gary Barson

George Bruce v Derek Hopton

Ian Waller v Allan Clarke

Jack Osborn v Harry Lomas

James Carruthers v Steve Dolan

John Baily v Josh Garrett

Ron Lindley v Rachel Pass

Les Wild v Amanda Atkinson

Steve Reynolds v Peter Harris

Trevor Horner v Trevor Hammerton

Brad Horner v Ian Nicholson

Anthony Blogg v Aidon Steel

Ray Clayton v Terry Gaunt

Robert Peet v Kate Fitzakerley

Dave Fitzakerley v Diane Horner

If you lose in round one, you are automatically entered in to the consolation match

SYSC e-limination consolation match 2018

Open 25mtr Indoor e-limination benchrest air rifle competition

Register online at and see a member of staff in the shooting range before the 25th July 2018

  • Go to
  • Enter your registration details
  • Upload a profile picture (Compulsory)
  • Select your nationality (Compulsory)
  • Select ‘I am a club member’
  • Select South Yorkshire Shooting Club from the drop down menu
  • Click current member, and click save.

Congratulations, you now have a personal competition dashboard, you will be able to view upcoming competitions hosted by South Yorkshire Shooting Club.

Now see a member of SYSC staff to register for the AirBench e-limination competition.