Club Handicapped Competition

This South Yorkshire Shooting Club competition is open to all club members and is £5.00 to enter. Any gun type and either .177 or .22 (Sub 12ft lb) We have taken statistics from Target Sports Central competition software to determine an average score for each participating competitor.

Based on a competitors average score, shooters are allocated a handicap. This will be adjusted each round you progress through. Competitors are drawn at random and handicaps are used so each shooter starts on a level playing field. Therefore if each competitor shoots their average score, you will draw.

Beat your average score and progress through to the next round.



The Competition

This competition is a one off Club Championship based on two cards submitted over two weeks. Shot at 25yds on the correct calibre side of the target. The highest combined score of the two cards will progress to the next round until we have two finalists.

A doubles competition will run alongside the singles competition where handicaps will be combined with your partner following the same rules as the singles competition.

Prizes for winner and runner up.

Entries now closed

Start date: 17th July 2017.

Register in the club shop for more information.

The Rules

Standard Club Bench Rest rules apply. Supports may be used at the front and back of your rifle but must be individual and not connected in anyway. We appreciate there may be slight flex in our bench rests, therefore you may use a support to reduce movement of the wooden top but must not screw anything to the board.

Targets are to be shot at 25 yds. 4 Practice shots may be taken per target and one shot is required at the remaining 10 targets. The shoot off target is not required to be shot on this occasion. We are using decimal marking, highest possible score 109.0 per target 654.0 over 6 targets. The centre of the pellet hole must be over the line to register the higher score.

Each target must have a unique sticker applied before being shot and verified by the lane marshal on duty.

Round Five