Thank you for competing in the ELEY AirBench Teams Unleashed Series.

To compete in this chosen Indoor discipline, use teams target available from the shop counter – note. the target is double sided, one side .177 and the reverse side .22

Shoot this discipline at 23 metres or 25 Yards Indoor using a .177 or .22 Air Rifle and Scope, resting on a bench, whilst seated. Open to ages 9+

You must be a registered user with Target Sports Central – See your club representative or register online.

When you are ready to compete, ask the range officer or a club member to witness your unique team name is present on your targets before shooting them. Targets must be signed on completion by the range marshal or club witness.

The ELEY AirBench Teams Unleashed Series requires you to team up with a partner, each competitor shoots 2 cards in full, 8 shots per card, 16 Shots per competitor, 32 shots in total per team – Starting on the 1st of each month and ending on the 21st of the month. There will be a Senior and Junior Champion each month.

• This discipline consists of 32 shots – split equally between a team of two
• You do not have to complete all the targets in one session, and you may enter as many disciplines as you like
• You are required to write your Unique Team Name on your targets before you shoot them
• Completed targets must be handed in for scoring on or before the 21st of each month
• Please enter your Name, Partners Name, Distance, PCP or Springer and Unique Identification Number on each target

Scoring will be carried out using the TargetScan application – Max score 32x 10.9 = 348.8

Decimal scoring counts, scores, final competition standing and Individual statistics will be available on the 1st of each month, in your ‘My Score Tracker’ portal. Log in using your password provided by the Target Sports Central team.

Equipment – All equipment must be widely available for purchase in the current market by fellow competitors.

Air Rifle

The ELEY AirBench Teams Unleashed Series is an open competition, therefore both .177 and .22 Air Rifles are allowed, any stock, butt and weight configuration.


The ELEY AirBench Teams Unleashed Series is not limited to any scope magnification or scope type.


Front rest must be a Bipod, Sandbag (Leather or Cloth) or Metal / Plastic adjustable competition rest. Rear rest must be a Sandbag (Leather or Cloth) and be disconnected from the front rest. Front and rear rests must be on top of the bench, but not attached to the bench. Stops must be removed from the bench top if a competitor is gaining an advantage in balance by pushing against it. The stop may be left in place if it is a safety requirement of the shooting range, no equipment of the competitor may touch the stop whilst a shot is being taken.


Please use the seating supplied by your current shooting range, ensure you are comfortable, a suitable height and stable. Never leave your gun loaded or unsupported on your Benchrest.

If you would like to register a new account, clarify rulings or report a competitor for not competing in the fair play spirit of the competition, please contact Competitions business development manager

Rules changes applied 01/03/18

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