Terms and conditions

Rule 1

PayPal policy specifies no transactions may be taken for the following Items: Air Rifle, Pistol or Silencer.

These items can be paid for by contacting us on 01709 837906. We accept all card payments with the exception of American Express.

Rule 2


Idleback Limited is a Registered Firearms Dealer. In accordance to UK law, we are therefore able to sell air weapons and other restricted items to persons aged 18 or over. This means that if you purchase an air gun, sound moderator or other restricted product from us, you must either:


You can collect in person in a 'face-to-face' transaction from our South Yorkshire Shooting Club Shop, on production of a photo ID such as a Passport or Driving License. (Please note that the person that purchases the item must be the person that collects the item from us. We are required by law to keep a record of the serial number of all air guns sold and the full details of the purchasing customer.

If you wish to place an order online and collect in person, please contact the shop and reserve the items. You will need to pay for your goods to reserve the order by calling 01709 837906.

Rule 3


Please note that we cannot deliver the following restricted items to your home or works address, but can arrange for them to be delivered to your local Registered Firearms Dealer for collection.

  • Air Rifles
  • Air Pistols
  • Silencers/Sound Moderators
  • Firearms rated spare parts

Why? - due to restrictions imposed by the 2006 VCR Bill (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/38/part/2)

Please DO NOT place orders online for restricted items and expect them to be posted to your home or works address. We WILL NOT do this - it's against the law.

The receiving Firearms dealer will make a charge for receiving the goods from us and signing it over to you. On average they charge £25 although we recommend you check with your dealer first to confirm .