Practice makes perfect

Dryfire is the world’s most recognised training simulator for clay, game and target shooters. Practise shooting clays, game and targets 24/7 indoors with your own gun! Stay sharp throughout the year with the world’s only affordable simulator. DryFire gives immediate feedback on every shot helping you to improve your scores whether you shoot Trap, Skeet, Sporting, Game or Targets. Continuous practise with your own gun improves gun mount, muscle memory, gun movement and accuracy.

Customise your DryFire set-up by adding specialised software add-ons; simulate your ideal shooting location, create your own sporting targets, review your gun movement, analyse your progress or project an image of your local ground to use as your shooting background.

What is DryFire

DryFire is a clay pigeon and game shooting simulator used for training practice. The simulator software supports all clay pigeon shooting disciplines. It allows you to use your own gun to shoot virtual targets in you club. Using your own gun, simply attach DryFire’s trigger switch to your trigger and pop DryFire’s compact plastic insert in your muzzle. You call “pull” to launch a clay and when you squeeze the trigger the muzzle insert will send a short pulse of infrared light, picked up by the camera on the DryFire simulator, to determine if the shot was a hit or miss.

DryFire has been designed using complex algorithms to simulate the realistic flight of targets, as well as the use of different cartridges and chokes. The simulator projects a small red laser spot (or target) onto your wall. This laser target moves at the same trajectory and speed as a real clay target.

  • Practice Gun Alignment

  • Practice Various Clay Shooting Disciplines

  • Trap, Skeet and Sporting Layouts

  • Olympic Level Disciplines

Our DryFire system is located in a warm, welcoming, dedicated room that caters for up to 6 shooters at a time. You can use the room as an individual as part of your membership, £8 per hour or you can also hire the room as a member and invite up to 5 of your friends to take part in fun training session for £35 for the hour using either your own gun or hire one for a further £8 per hour.

DryFire is great fun and we can guarantee the weather!

Clay shooting is an extremely popular discipline. When introducing a friend to the sport it can sometimes seem a little daunting. Moving targets, noisy and heavy guns and extreme British weather etc.

DryFire takes all the guess work out of shotgun alignment and gun fit.

DryFire gives you the perfect opportunity to practice before heading out on to the clay ground. The system simulates clay disciplines from the comfort of our Indoor Shooting Club. New starters or experienced shots can select a discipline to practice with feed back for every hit or miss.