What does membership of our Shooting Club Offer?

Our Facilities

Inspiring Indoor Shooting Range

A very warm welcome to our Indoor Airgun Shooting Range.
Established in 2012 SYSC have been at the forefront of modern day airgun ranges, pushing boundaries, to create a new leisure experience not seen before in our Industry. We have a vision to create something extremely unique and affordable for the airgun world, whilst being able to educate Individuals, families, Schools and Juniors on the safe practice of airgunning. Our Airgun environment offers some of the most demanding and fun targets from hydraulic popup controlled systems and ground breaking overhead electronic target systems that are now used across the world!
We also have a few surprises down range for you to discover! Your range experience starts with our staff, knowledgeable, friendly and possessing qualities that make us proud of our service and safety record. SYSC continues to push boundaries in quality, fun and performance.
Welcome, it’s going to be a great adventure together.

Before you commit to membership, Book a Taster Session. One on one tuition for one hour with all the airgun equipment included. We recommend you book an ‘Educational Taster Session’ for your first visit, this is a one hour session with a dedicated target sports centre range officer who will spend time teaching you how to shoot safely in a controlled environment.

Taster Sessions are not a classroom scenario! within minutes you will be shooting typically 150-200 shots within the hour. You will be shown in depth how to set up your chosen discipline to the very highest standard. There is a one off fee for each discipline you choose to learn. At the end of your session you will be safe and have a healthy understanding in your chosen sport. To prove it we will give you a airgun certificate of achievement!

Once you become a member you can take full advantage of all our facilities like the Indoor Air Rifle Range – 33 yds with free targets and competitions run on a monthly basis. Our Rifle and Pistol Room – 10 mtr Discipline Pistol and Rifle Range with remote camera viewing.

You can book a lane which are on the hour starting at 10am. Call the range on 01709 837906. Permanent slots may be booked on a monthly basis. Please ask a member of staff for further Information. Please note we require 24 hours notice for cancellation of a lane.

Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting Range

Our 33 yd Indoor Benchrest shooting range offers some of the best target sports facilities in the country. Established in 2012 we have seen a fantastic growth in membership, enabling us to develop our range of services to offer you a unique membership package. Once a member, our range team are on hand to help with all the aspects of airgunning. We run monthly air gun competitions and have a great selection of targets. Our range booths are ambidextrous and have disabled access. On the range you will find Remote Overhead Targets, Knock Downs, Bell Challenge, Target Tower, Bangers and Split the Playing Card Challenge.

Our gun shop is stocked with Airgun accessories that have been tested on our range and have a proven track record. We work this way so our customers feel confident about taking on our challenging targets on a daily basis.

Our knowledgeable staff will advise you on all products without the hard sell, we are independent Registered Firearm Dealers and sell airgun products that are built with quality and offer great customer service.

You can book a lane which are on the hour starting at 10am. Call the range on 01709 837906. Permanent slots may be booked on a monthly basis. Please ask a member of staff for further Information. Please note we require 24 hours notice for cancellation of a lane.

Olympic Dreams

With an incredible Olympics just passed, the demand for Target Sports facilities is growing. South Yorkshire Shooting Club have been working over the winter months to provide such a location based in Rotherham. We have 4 lanes enabling you to shoot both 10mtr Rifle and Pistol.

We have invested in the latest Target Technology, Camera and Screens and Target Marking System. Members have embraced the challenge that these disciplines offer and we have seen a growth in our global airgun competitions.

Modern Shooters Demand Smart Technology

Our 10mtr range has attracted some serious airgun equipment since opening in December 2016. Shooters are striving for success in a demanding discipline. We see Air Arms, Tesro, Walther, Anschutz, Feinwerkbau, Hammerli, Walther, Steyr, Crosman, Morini and FAS on the range.

Our Indoor 10mtr range actually extends to 13mtrs which allows us to practice targets at greater distances with both PCP and Single Stroke Pneumatic Pistols. We have set a very demanding 2 lane knock down course which includes various types of quarry.

Once you become a member of South Yorkshire Shooting Club you have access to all the great shooting disciplines. We encourage families to get involved in the safe practice of airgunning. It really is great family fun, a steady hand and a keen eye will be required on all our ranges but you will walk away wanting more!

You can book a lane which are on the hour starting at 10am. Call the range on 01709 837906. Permanent slots may be booked on a monthly basis. Please ask a member of staff for further Information. Please note we require 24 hours notice for cancellation of a lane.


So you think you have what it takes to become Global Airgun Club Champion? We are glad to hear it. We will help you every step of the way to achieving that dream!

myELEY.com is available to every Shooting Member across the globe. South Yorkshire Shooting Club offer this competition as part of your club membership. Complete your registration form and receive a comprehensive guide on competing in the worlds first global airgun competition. Every competition we run starts on the 1st of the month and finishes on the 31st of the month. Results and statistics are displayed in your personal dashboard.

What is myELEY.com

With the next generation of Target Sports Competitors raring to go after our most successful Olympics in years, we have developed an application that allows club level shooters to compete against each other in an Online result based environment. Shot from the comfort of your own club incorporating an individual Score Tracking Dashboard, showing statistics and allowing you to analyse progress. This gives us an opportunity to Identify raw talent that may normally go in-noticed at grass roots level.

For more info visit myELEY.com Website here . . .

Once you become a member of South Yorkshire Shooting Club you have access to all the great shooting disciplines. We encourage families to get involved in the safe practice of airgunning. It really is great family fun, a steady hand and a keen eye will be required on all our ranges but you will walk away wanting more!

You can book a lane which are on the hour starting at 10am. Call the range on 01709 837906. Permanent slots may be booked on a monthly basis. Please ask a member of staff for further Information. Please note we require 24 hours notice for cancellation of a lane.

Corporate Event Venue

South Yorkshire Shooting Club offer a unique opportunity for corporate team building events on our Indoor Shooting Range. We have a meeting room that accommodates 12 staff members with projector facility, tables and chairs and catering if required. Combine both meetings with action on the shooting range, teams will be put their paces on the Air Rifle Range and Speed Pistol Range over a 2 hour period plus your meeting time.

Competitions will be arranged to help bring staff together in a truly unique surrounding.

What disciplines will we be shooting?

We ideally suggest 12 members of staff per visit, this allows us to split them in to 2 groups of 6. The first team will have 1 hour in the Rifle Range where they will firstly receive tuition on using a rifle and finally shoot a competition target, the winning score is marked out of 100 points, the second team of 6 will be taken in to the Pistol Room where they will take part in a Speed Pistol Competition. Using a 9mm replica Pistol the competitor will shoot 5 metal plates against the clock, the winner will have the fastest time overall. After the hour is over each group will swop discipline.

Each competition is guaranteed to motivate staff in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Prices start at £50+vat per head. Catering can be arranged at an extra cost, please speak to Charlotte on 01709 837906 or email. charlotte@idleback.co.uk

We encourage businesses to get involved in the safe practice of airgunning. It really is great fun, a steady hand and a keen eye will be required on all our ranges but you will walk away wanting more!

You can book a lane which are on the hour starting at 10am. Call the range on 01709 837906. Permanent slots may be booked on a monthly basis. Please ask a member of staff for further Information. Please note we require 24 hours notice for cancellation of a lane.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Taster Session?

A taster session is one on one tuition with a range marshal used for an introduction to your chosen target sport. It’s advantages are as in the name a ‘Taster’ for a one off fee of £35 Adults and £30 Juniors, you get a great feel for the sport without having to commit to an annual membership should you not enjoy it ! You will receive tuition on all the fundamentals of your chosen sport in a 100% safe environment.

Do I have to participate in a Taster Session?

Yes, if you have no previous experience with target sports.

No, if you have had more than 12 months experience with a rifle or pistol and can honestly say you are completely safe around other people, have full knowledge of the law and fully understand the workings of your equipment.

Can I use my own equipment on a Taster Session?

We do not object to you using your own equipment but we do ask that if you are using the shooting range your rifle be zero’d to 25 yds before starting the session and a suitable pellet available to use, or we find that we spend half of the session setting up your gun and you lose valuable tuition time.

Once you become a member we will give you free tuition setting up any of your airguns and accessories.

Do you supply charging adaptors for all airguns?

We carry some of the more popular fitting, but recommend you bring your own just to be on the safe side.

Do you have any age restrictions?

We do recommend a minimum age of 9 yrs old, only for the reason that anyone under the age of 9 can’t generally reach the bench from their stools. Should your child be big enough to reach safely un-aided, we have no problem with them joining and being supervised by a parent or guardian.

What are the membership fee’s?

Please click here to see our up to date membership packages

Do you offer corporate packages?

Yes we do, from £50+vat per head. Please call 01709 837906 or email your enquiry to mike@southyorkshireshootingclub.co.uk for a full description on the activities available.

Why do I pay up front for my Taster Session?

The Target Sports Club is extremely busy and lane hire is booked in advance. If we take a Taster Session booking and you do not turn up, we are left with an empty lane, a range marshal to pay and existing members that could have used the range during that period of time.

Can I cancel my Taster Session?

No. You can re-arrange the session to a more convenient time with 24hrs notice.

I’m not happy about that?

Please do not book the Taster Session unless you are 100% sure you can attend. We will be able to re-arrange it for you.

My membership has expired, how do I renew it?

When you book your next session your renewal will flash up on our system and we will inform you that the renewal is due.

Can anyone enter the club competitions?

As an active member, yes. Speak to a range Marshall and they will set you up.

What is the difference between the Annual Competition and the Monthly Shoot Out?

The annual competition is scored over a 11 month period starting in January, with the highest score in each discipline being rewarded at our Christmas party with a Trophy (Free to enter) Our Monthly shoot-Out is a £3 entry competition that varies in discipline each month with one winner receiving a cash prize for the highest score at the end of the month. (Handicaps are used for a level playing field)

How do I get a handicap?

Submit 5 club competition targets to Mike.

Can I shoot Rimfire or Centre Fire on the Range?


Can I bring my friend and look after them on my lane?

No. We are a Membership run club and have the responsibility of safe conduct within our centre.

Do the Rifles kick or recoil and are they loud?

No, Airguns are quiet and have no kick.

Do you offer First Aid within the premises?

No, but we will call the appropriate services.

Can I leave my child in the cafe whilst I shoot?

No, all children need to be supervised.

Does my airgun need to be in a sleeve or case?

Yes at all times until you are allocated a lane.

Can I turn up on the day?

Yes, but we do recommend booking to avoid disappointment.

Do you sell Guns, Pellets and Accessories?

Yes we do. We stock equipment that we know are reliable in our Target Centre.

Can you help me with my equipment?

Yes once a member, ask any time for help.

Can I refill my Air Cylinder at the range?

Yes as a member free of charge during your session.

Do you refill 3/4/7/12 ltr Air Bottles?

Yes £4.50, please make sure your cylinder is in test.

What happens if my Airgun is over the UK legal limit?

As a member we recommend you take advantage of our free chronograph service for peace of mind. The Law states as a registered RFD we will confiscate the gun until it is back to a safe legal limit. Our Service centre will carry this out for you from as little as £60.00

Can I use BB’s in the Pistol and Rifle Range?

No on the Rifle Range, *Yes on the Pistol Range, subject to all other members using the range at the same time agreeing and wearing suitable eye protection at your own risk. BB’s return from the steel plate as fast as they go out.

What are the loud bangs on the shooting range?

Some of our targets hold a .22 starter cap and when shot make a very loud bang.

What do I do if my lane carriage stops working?

Make your gun safe and call over the range Marshall.

Can I show my friend on another lane my gun?

No. Always bring your friend to your lane.

I’m not happy about the running of the Target Sports Centre what should I do?

We have spent the last 5 years developing the Target Sports Centre and are open to constructive criticism, Please do not vent your feelings at our staff they do not make the decisions, speak to Mike the manager of the club.

What happens if I am rude to a member of staff?

We do not tolerate any aggression in our club and will not hesitate to call the Police armed response with your membership revoked with immediate effect.

Air Rifle Code of Practice

The most important rule of gun handling……


It is estimated that there are four million air rifles in the UK, the vast majority of which are used in a safe and responsible manner. This code offers guidance to those who shoot with them. It does not apply in Northern Ireland where firearms laws are very different.

Above all, safety is the most important consideration. Always know where the muzzle of your air rifle is pointing and NEVER point it in an unsafe direction.

Whenever you shoot, make sure you know where the pellet is going to end up before you pull the trigger.

The Law

The law makes no distinction between air rifles and more powerful guns for which you need a licence – they are all classed as firearms. This means that any offence you commit can carry a very heavy penalty – and there are at least 38 different offences. Following this code will help you to keep on the right side of the law, but, if you have any doubt, seek advice from BASC (www.basc.org.uk) or your local police firearms licensing department.

Air gun security

From February 2011, the Crime and Security Act 2010 makes it an offence for a person in possession of an air gun to fail to take “reasonable precautions” to prevent someone under the age of 18 from gaining unauthorised access to it.

The legal advice contained within this publication remains unchanged e.g. 14-17 year olds may still use air guns unsupervised on private premises where they have permission etc.

For further advice about reasonable precautions for storing for air guns not in use please contact BASC or seewww.basc.org.uk for a copy of our fact sheet Young People and Airguns.

Who can shoot

18 years

If you are 18 years or older there are no restrictions on buying an air rifle and ammunition, and you can use it wherever you have permission to shoot.

14 – 17 years

You can

  • borrow an air rifle and ammunition
  • use an air rifle, without supervision, on private premises where you have permission

You cannot

  • buy or hire an air rifle, or ammunition, or receive one as a gift. Your air rifle and ammunition must be bought and looked after by someone over 18 – normally your parent, guardian or some other responsible adult. have an air rifle in a public place unless you are supervised by somebody aged 21 or over, and you have a reasonable excuse to do so (for example, while on the way to a shooting ground).

Under 14 years

You can

  • use an air rifle under supervision on private premises with permission from the occupier – normally the owner or tenant. The person who supervises you must be at least 21 years old.

You cannot

  • buy, hire or receive an air rifle or its ammunition as a gift, or shoot, without adult supervision.

Parents or guardians who buy an air rifle for use by someone under 14 must exercise control over it at all times, even in the home or garden.

It is illegal to sell an air rifle or ammunition to a person under 18 years of age.

Where you can shoot

Where you intend to shoot, always ensure that you are authorised by the landowner or person with the sporting rights and that you know precisely where the boundaries are. Get permission in writing, if possible, to remove any doubt.

Whenever you are in a public place you should carry the rifle in a gun cover and always ensure that it is unloaded and not cocked.


Going on to private land, or water, where you do not have permission is trespassing, and if you are carrying an air rifle it becomes armed trespass. Whether the gun is loaded or not, or whether you are carrying pellets, is irrelevant – armed trespass is a serious criminal offence carrying heavy penalties.

Only shoot where you have the permission of the landowner or tenant.

Firing pellets beyond your boundary

It is an offence to fire an air rifle pellet beyond the land where you have permission to shoot, unless the occupier of the neighbouring land has also given you permission. Where someone under 14 is shooting, both the young person and the supervising adult can be prosecuted.

It is also against the law, in England and Wales, to fire an air rifle within 50 feet of the centre of a highway if this results in someone being injured, interrupted or endangered. These offences could be committed, for example, when someone is shooting in their garden close to a road and the pellets ricochet onto the highway.

It is an offence in Scotland to discharge any gun in a culpable or reckless manner. This means shooting without caring about the safety of others.

What you can shoot

Target shooting

Principal quarry for air rifles

  • BIRDS: (covered by the general licences – for details visit www.basc.org.uk/en/shooting/general-licences.cfm) crows, rooks, jackdaws, magpies, jays, woodpigeon, collared doves, feral pigeons.
  • MAMMALS: brown rats, grey squirrels, stoats, mink and rabbits

If you want to practise on your own premises make sure that you have an effective backstop. Soft earth or chipboard is ideal, but don’t use any hard, polished surface because it is likely to cause a dangerous ricochet or could cause the pellet to rebound and hit the shooter.

Remember that you can be prosecuted if any pellet goes beyond your land, whether it is directly fired or an accidental ricochet.

Live quarry shooting

Many people shoot live quarry, either on their own land or where they have permission. The species which you can shoot are limited by the law and by the effective power of an air rifle.

All birds are protected, and although there are seasons when you can legally shoot game, and some wildfowl, they are not suitable quarry for air rifles. However, as long as you are complying with firearms law, you can shoot certain pest bird species. These are covered by general licences which, in simple terms, mean you can shoot the birds listed, provided you have the landowner’s permission and provided you are doing it for one of the reasons allowed by the licence.

These reasons include:

  • to protect crops
  • to protect game and wildlife
  • to protect public health or safety

BASC recommends that anyone wishing to take bird pest species should read BASC’s advice on general licences, which is available on its website www.basc.org.uk

You can shoot mammal pests at any time provided you have the landowner’s permission. Air rifles are suitable for: brown rats, grey squirrels, stoats, mink and rabbits.

Respect for the quarry

Always shoot well within your capabilities. Practise on targets, never on live quarry, to establish the maximum range at which you and your rifle can consistently hit the point of aim that will ensure a clean kill; this is usually the head, and normally has a maximum diameter of about three centimetres (an inch and a quarter). Practise regularly to improve your shooting and stalking skills.

Make sure you know where the kill zone is for each species that you are going to hunt. For mammals the side-on head shot is the preferred target. For birds, head shots are effective but difficult because the target area is very small and rarely holds still. Shots to the breast or body cavity give a bigger target area but remember that dense feathers or a crop full of grain will limit the pellet’s effectiveness. The area under the wing is a good place to aim for.

You must zero your rifle and sights (check their correct alignment) before starting any hunt; usually a riflescope will come with instructions on how to do this, otherwise there are many books which explain the principles.

It is your responsibility to be able to recognise your quarry and know when and where you may shoot it. Never shoot unless you have positively identified your quarry.

Wounded quarry

Always despatch wounded quarry quickly to minimise suffering, either with a second shot or a sharp blow to the base of the skull. Be particularly careful when dispatching wounded rodents – they can bite and scratch with a risk of serious infection. DO NOT TOUCH RATS. They may carry fatal diseases, so you should lift them with a fork or shovel.

Suitable air rifles for hunting

Always ensure that your air rifle is powerful enough to achieve a clean kill of your chosen quarry and do not attempt a shot of more than 30 metres. Generally the ideal power level is just over 11 ft lb (15J). For an air rifle that is more powerful than 12 ft lb, (16.25J) you must have a firearm certificate.

Never shoot at partially obscured quarry or shoot at quarry which could escape into cover before it can be retrieved. For example, do not shoot rabbits which are less than two metres from their burrow.

Certain types of air rifle are more suitable for hunting than others. Avoid those air rifles which take excessive time to charge, load and fire. Repeating air rifles give an immediate second shot which is always an advantage. All air rifles must be well maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. If in doubt, consult your local dealer.

Choose pellets which are designed for hunting. These will produce a cleaner kill than those which are intended for target shooting. Check every pellet before loading to ensure that it is not damaged or deformed.

Check list in the field

  • Always check with the landowner, in good time, if you want to go shooting.
  • Always confirm with the landowner what quarry you may shoot.
  • Always respect the owner’s property, crops, livestock and fences and follow the Countryside Code (http://www.countrysideaccess.gov.uk/).
  • Always treat an air rifle as though it is loaded and keep its muzzle pointing in a safe direction.
  • On picking up or being handed an air rifle, check immediately to ensure it is not loaded e.g. that it is uncocked and that there is no pellet in the breech. Be particularly careful when checking pre-charged pneumatic air rifles.
  • Before you fire your rifle, consider where the pellet could go. Be sure that no damage can result if you miss your intended target.
  • Always bear in mind the possibility of a ricochet.
  • Never put down a loaded air rifle or leave it unattended.
  • Use of a silencer can minimise disturbance to wildlife, livestock and other countryside users.
  • Remember that all shooters will be judged by your actions and ensure that your conduct is always above reproach. Encourage the same attitude in your shooting companions. Above all, be safe and be sensible.

At the end of the day

Always leave your shoot in the condition in which you would like to find it. Make sure that you collect all your equipment. It is courteous to thank the landowner and to offer him something from the bag if you have shot any edible quarry. Take care of your edible quarry – remember it is food, store it in a cool place and never waste it.

Non-edible quarry should be disposed of discreetly, carefully and should not create a health hazard. This is a legal requirement. Under most circumstances deep burial beyond the reach of a carnivorous animal would be appropriate.

The displaying of carcasses on fences or on a gamekeeper’s “gibbet” serves no useful purpose and may offend other countryside users.

Care and maintenance

Take care of your gun; it is built to precise standards and damage or mistreatment can seriously affect its performance and safety. Do not attempt to strip an air rifle without having the proper tools, facilities and knowledge to do so safely. Many air rifles contain powerful springs which can cause serious injury if released in an uncontrolled manner.

After shooting, ensure your air rifle is dry and free from dirt before storing it. Metalwork may benefit from a wipe down with a lightly oiled rag or a silicone cloth. The barrel should be cleaned using a proper barrel cleaning kit, and again lightly oiled. Only use the correct lubricants in accordance with the rifle manufacturer’s instructions. Always carefully wipe the oil from the bore before shooting.

The BASC ideal is …

That all who shoot conduct themselves according to the law and to the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship and courtesy, with full respect for their quarry and a practical interest in wildlife conservation and the countryside.

Never guess at what the law allows. If in doubt, contact BASC or your local police firearms licensing department.

BASC gratefully acknowledges the endorsement of this code by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

BASC is a representative body for sporting shooting.

South Yorkshire Shooting Club work with very finest Air gun and accessory manufacturers across the world.

You can feel confident from our experience testing products on our Indoor Shooting Range that everything we recommend will guarantee you fantastic results time after time. We only deal with manufacturers that offer the same level of quality and customer service that we would expect to receive in a gun shop.

Book a Visit to the Shooting Range

If you require any further Information about visiting the shooting range you can either call the range on 01709 837906 or use the contact form below.