.22 Pellet Test Sheet

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.22 Pellet Test Sheet


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.22 Pellet Test Sheet - Free Delivery within the UK

Not all Airgun Barrels are the same, therefore they do not all like the same Pellets.

Which pellet groups best for your rifle?

No one can tell you that, not even the manufacturer, we have pellet tested 1000's of Airguns on our Indoor Range and the results are incredible.

When choosing the correct pellet, many factors have to be taken into consideration. Average Ft Lb of your rifle in relation to Pellet weight, Number of turns created by your rifle barrelling and pellet shape to achieve a full rotation.

Head size, Skirt size, Skirt Length, Pellet Co-efficient etc etc . . . 

We have hand selected 12 of the most reliable pellet brands from 1000's of test on the range and out in the field and put together packs of 20 hand selected pellets of each brand to save you time and money.

Our findings are dome headed pellets are by far the most accurate but are all slightly different in weight, size, shape and variable ballistic co-efficiency.

If you take a look at the attached pellet test targets you will see the difference a pellet can make, in this test at 25 yds the tightest group was 9mm x 7mm and the largest group 65mm x 25mm - that's an astonishing group size difference and another tin of pellets in the bin !!

We get told on a regular basis that pointed pellets are best for hunting, we disagree !! A 65mm group compared to a 10mm group is the difference between a clean hit or a low and wide hit.

Using a pellet that suits your barrel gives proven clean hits every time.

Using your sheet

It is important that you make sure your barrel is clean before you start, but you do not need to clean between every pellet and 10 pellets will show you a good enough result for the tightest group.

At this point you are not trying to hit the bull, you are trying to put every pellet through the same hole or as close too !!

Once you have established the tightest group, clean you barrel and stick to the same pellet, Zero your rifle to the best pellet, after a clean you can sometimes experience a few random shots before the barrel settle down due to the lubrication in the barrel.

Then over time if you notice your grouping opening up a barrel clean will help to bring it back due the build up of lead.


Pellet Test Sheet Includes:


  • Air Arms 5.52 Diablo Field .22
  • Air Arms 5.51 Diablo Field .22
  • Premier Ultra Magnum 5.52 .22
  • JSB Exact 5.52 .22
  • Webley Accupell 5.52 .22
  • RWS Superdome 5.52 .22
  • Weihrauch F&T 5.52 .22
  • H&N Field Target Trophy 5.52 .22
  • Bisley Magnum 5.50 .22
  • Daystate Kaiser 5.52 .22
  • RWS Superfield 5.52 .22

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